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Check our new vlog

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You can check our new vlog

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October 3, 2014 4 comments

By Jim Lomanto

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Trip to Hawaii Part 7

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By Jason & Jim Lomanto

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The Gin Game

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Trip Cuba Part 5

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By Jimactor

Best Known Deaf Man and His Mother Killed Inside Burned House

February 7, 2011 14 comments

Shawn Hutcheson in Colorado

By Bug

Shawn Hutcheson the Professional Photographer

Shawn Hutcheson as “MM” (Mountain Man) was an owner of DeafSeek and DeafMeek website.Shawn and his mother Dianne apparently died from gunshot wounds. They found dead after a house fire in Acworth, Georgia.

Someone in the area called 911 after hearing loud sounds. The police officers were sent after 12:30 a.m.  They arrived at the house and saw the glow of fire coming from the house.

Police believes the death results were murder-suicide. To read more about this incident:  and

Shawn’s facebook profile can be found at!/pages/Shawn-T-Hutcheson-Photography/126880752467?v=wall


Using of VRS service in FaceTime on your iPhone4

August 13, 2010 25 comments


Summary: I want to clarify some misunderstood among us of how to use your FaceTime on your iPhone 4. We can use FaceTime to “videophone” only if both parties have iPhone 4 and also you can call vrs company on your iPhone4 using FaceTime as well! As of now, there are 2 vrs companies available to use and they are iZ by Zvrs and iwrelay. iZ don’t have an app as what iwrelay have and you have to dial the phone number to call iZ and it will charge you .40 cents per minute until iZ receive your call and they will hang up and call you back using FaceTime then it will be free from there. As for iwrelay, they have an app for you to download and you can place a call instantly on it and it’s free at all!, no hidden cost like what iZ does. Zvrs did not explain that .40 cents thing at NAD conference when they mentioned that they are the first company to make a change of using vrs service on FaceTime, they should of have doing that in the first place. I hope other that vrs company such as Purple, Sorenson and the others will develop their own app so that way we can have different choice which vrs company to use on FaceTime! Thanks!

To use their service:

For iwrelay, go to iTunes store and download their app (type iwrelay in search box) and follow from there. For iZ, call 866.323.2231 (866.32FACE1).

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