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Alaina Reed, “Olivia Robinson” worked with Deaf American Actress’ Friend on “Seasame Street” dies

December 22, 2009 3 comments

By Bug

The rainbows are not always chasing the gray clouds away when a loved one dies on Sesame Street. Sadly, the children discover that we and the other living creatures all die one day.

Alaina Reed, Olivia Robinson was a best known actress on the children’s television program  “Seame Street”, who sang with Linda Bove the Deaf actress, has died last week on December 17th. She lost a long battle with breast cancer. She was 63 year old.

Most people remember Olivia Robinson signing one signed word, “SING”. In this video you can see Linda “interpreting” for Olivia. They played the part of Linda the Librarian on the Seame Street.

Sign Language Quotes

August 19, 2009 Comments off

Last summer I took a sign language class. There was a project where I was in a group. I was treated just like the other students (in the group).

~ Wanda Peterson

Keep a journal, and learn how to see how you as an individuals sees information so you can learn your own sign language. Meditate and practice psychic self defense and surrounding yourself with prayer.

~ John Edward

I was trying to teach him a little sign language. I don’t know nothing but the basics: ‘good boy,’ ‘good girl,’ ‘thank you,’ ‘you’re welcome.’ . . .

~ Patricia Pratt

We have sign language practices and sign language groups before each of our meetings.

~ Maribeth Lartz

The dancer’s hand movements are in ancient sign language.

~ Sarun Chan

I try to talk to everybody. If you can’t speak English, I’m going to do sign language,

~ Helen Wilson

My cat speaks sign language with her tail.

~ Robert A. M. Stern

Sign language is useful to the deaf but vital to the Italians.

~ Paul Carvel

The visual is sorely undervalued in modern scholarship. Art history has attained only a fraction of the conceptual sophistication of literary criticism. Drunk with self-love, criticism has hugely overestimated the centrality of language to western culture. It has failed to see the electrifying sign language of images.

~ Camille Paglia

This is our second annual ‘Family Night Out’ fundraiser. The goal is to raise money for special programs like Hebrew-enrichment classes, baby sign language or maybe even yoga.

~ Michelle Bernstein

We are both trying to find our own inspiration and movement. My inspiration is sign language.

~ Alice Howes

Sixty percent of all interpreters are not proficient in sign language, in the state of Idaho. I would believe that. I’ve met some interpreters that are pretty worse off.

~ Emily Pennie

The symbolic view of things is a consequence of long absorption in images. Is sign language the real language of Paradise?

~ Hugo Ball

We’ve just scratched the surface in being able to communicate with him so that he can play our defense. Right now, we’re relying mostly on the written word I’d personally like to take basic sign language lessons and continue to develop better ways to communicate with him.

~ David Elson

When I saw them adding in the sign language, I was so proud of them. They are so, so smart.

~ Sherry Copeland

You have all kinds of learners. The sign language is to get to visual learners, the songs get to auditory learners, and hands-on activities, where they’re touching things, are for the tactile learners.

~ Denise Mechan

Sign language is for everyone.

~ Kathy Clark

He can’t read lips and doesn’t know sign language. The only way he can communicate is by reading notes. He has a hard time reading, and a trial could take months.

~ Bryan Williams

If you are to reach masses of people in this world, you must do it by a sign language. Whether your vehicle be commerce, literature, or politics, you can do nothing but raise signals, and make motions to the people.

~ John Jay Chapman

It was a really noisy crowd and hard to concentrate. You couldn’t hear yourself think. We couldn’t yell so we had to adjust. We were using hand signals, making up our own sign language. We had to really focus and try and block it all out.

~ Christine Keshen

It was a very long process. For instance, we have to take text or poetry, translate it into sign language and then make choreography from that.

~ Alice Howes

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Cats act as ears for deaf woman

July 6, 2009 2 comments

Betty Macaluso holds her cat, Tom 2, at her Lawrenceville home. Macaluso is deaf, and the cat wakes her up in the morning and functions as her ears.

Betty Macaluso doesn’t need an alarm clock; she has cats.

The Lawrenceville woman is awakened each morning by Tom 2, a wide-eyed orange and white cat, who gently paws at her arm about 6 a.m. wanting his breakfast. If Tom 2 happens to sleep through his job or gets distracted, Tiger, a heavier gray and black tabby, steps in.

Since Macaluso can’t hear the ringing of an alarm clock – she has been deaf all her life – her cats serve as her ears. She adopted Tom 2 and Tiger, both now about a year old, from PetSmart in Lawrenceville when they were 3 months.

“They know I can’t hear,” Macaluso, 68, said through a sign language interpreter. “They do hear for me.”

Macaluso recalled one morning when Tom 2, whose predecessor, Tom 1, she said was also very smart, stood on her stomach gazing up at the ceiling above her bed. A week went by and she noticed Tom 2 often staring up at the same spot. When Macaluso shined a flashlight over the area that held the cat’s attention, she saw a thin, round line of clay on her ceiling and immediately called pest control. Tom 2 had detected termites.

“(Pest control) came to check up and … found out termite(s) (were) inside (the) wall and asked me how I (heard them),” Macaluso wrote via e-mail. “He was puzzled (how I knew if) I am deaf and can’t hear. I smiled and pointed to my Tom 2.”

The exterminator told Macaluso she was lucky to have a cat like Tom 2; she could have lost her home if he hadn’t detected the termites.

Tom 2 seems especially sensitive to insects in his home.

“He notices the smallest things,” Macaluso said, “a spider on the ceiling, an ant crawling on the floor.”

Tom 2 and Tiger also notice the flashing lights that signal the doorbell or video phone is ringing and alert their owner.

Since Macaluso can’t hear her cats’ meows, whenever the two want to play, they know to gently paw at her leg to get her attention.

Macaluso, whose parents were also deaf, grew up in a home with cats. She remembers one evening when she was a young girl, sitting down with her mother on the swing on their porch, when their family cat began acting strangely.

“We were puzzled why,” Macaluso wrote.

Until the cat began fighting with a rattlesnake that lay five feet away from Macaluso and her mother.

“He saved me (from being bitten) by a rattlesnake,” she wrote. “I will never … live without two cats because they always helped me by (hearing what I cannot).”

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Michael Jackson Signed to His Pet Chimpanzee

June 26, 2009 8 comments
Bubbles & Michael Jackson in 1986

Bubbles & Michael Jackson in 1986

By Bug

How many signed words did Michael Jackson know? How did he learn American Sign Language?  Nobody really knows. Fookem and Bug team found a rare footage from Jackson on a tour of Japan in 1987. This video shows that Jackson signed “SIT” to his monkey Bubbles.  He understood Jackson’s sign language. Michael Jackson almost wanted to sign “sit” to Bubbles at 0:27 but a chimp did not see it. Finally, Jackson signed to him at 0:36.  View this video of Jackson signing to Bubble. And they are doing the moonwalk:

For many years the baby chimp Bubbles was always beside Jackson until he grew up and became less cute and more unpredictable.  Jackson claimed that Bubbles had slugged him.  Also, he was afraid that Bubbles may attack Jackson’s newborn son, Prince Michael II. He gave his 11 year old chimp friend to a private zoo.The singer stated he regretted having to remove the chimp, as they can live to 60 years old.

How did Michael Jackson meet Bubbles?  In 1985 Jackson rescused him from a cancer-research lab in Texas.  He adopted three year old baby chimp as his pet and friend.  Bubbles lived at Jackson’s Encino home, but moved to Neverland Ranch in 1988. He slept in a crib in Jackson’s bedroom. He was allowed to use Jackson’s private toliet. His chimp sometimes wore a diaper.

Bubbles was taught how to moonwalk and he famously made a cameo in the video for “Liberian Girl” and accompanied Jackson during the recording sessions for Bad.  “Liberian Girl” was not one of Jackson’s bigger hit but was still the ninth and final single from the bad album. See Bubbles in this video at 2:08 – 2:14 but no closed captions or subtitles:


Bubbles and his little Bubbles

The sad news of Michael’s death made many people thinking of Bubbles. The news of his death still doesn’t seem entierly real, and there are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered. Good news is that Bubbles is still alive and enjoying his life at a ranch in Sylmar, California.

At last does Bubbles know his beloved friend Michael Jackson’s death? It is possible because the animals can sense the death of someone they are loyal too.

Bubbles’ life saved by Michael Jackson. He is probably the luckiest chimp. Over years Jackson out to animals for their unconditional love and non-judgmental companionship, he often gave back to them in return. Bless Michael Jackson.

Signing Santa Brings Joy To Deaf Children

December 24, 2008 3 comments
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