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Graham Hicks, Deaf-Blind motorcyclist broke the Guinness World Record

February 28, 2008 5 comments
The quadbike world record attempt with Graham Hicks driving and Matt Coulter riding pillion.

On 21st May 2001, Graham ‘G-Force’ Hicks from Peterborough, who is totally deaf and blind made it into the record books again. On the two mile airstrip at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire, Graham set the first ever quadbike world speed record at 99.26mph! He broke the record for the fasted speed on a quad bike and fastest England to Holland on a jetski. Mike Coulter rode behind guiding him by means of touch.

Graham became blind when he was 3 year old. At age of five, he became deaf. If the people need to talk with Graham, they need to use the fingerspelling. Fingerspelling, the Deafblind Manual Alphabet is a method of spelling out words onto a deafblind person’s hand. A particular sign or place on the hand represents each letter.

To learn more about Graham Hicks, go to


A deaf and blind man who has travelled 300 miles by land and sea has completed his journey on a jet ski.

Santa Claus speaks with Deaf Child through VRS!

December 21, 2007 11 comments

By Bug

Watch this video and see a Deaf girl asking Santa Claus to call her. Did Mr Claus call her through VRS? Yes!

So is there a Santa Claus?

Well, we live in a world where the idea of someone rewarding good behavior in this life, rather than the next (or at the door to the Disneyland) sounds darn nice, and particularly for children, is a good reminder of the rewards of thrift, virtue, compassion and honesty. And those are sorely missing attributes in our modern world, if you ask me.

So yes, I think that there is a Santa Claus.

I’ll certainly make sure we leave a plate of cookies and glass of milk out on Christmas Eve. How about you?

Enjoy the video.

Something happened to me today!

December 19, 2007 13 comments


click on picture to enlarge it


Hello I want to tell you something happened to me today about 2 hours ago. Today is my day off, I work for U.S. Postal Service. There’s no weekends off for me as we follow their policy of going by seniority ranks. My days off are on Wednesday and Thursday, today is Wednesday and what am I doing? I am going to xmas shopping and yes that’s last minute…that’s me. I am going to that shopping plaza where they have Kohl’s store, my favorite store, Xsport fitness and right across is Portiollo’s restaurant. As I enter the parking lot…all of sudden, I did not see other car coming toward to my right side and rammed my car. Lucky, nothing serious happened to me and I am okay. It’s really unexpected event as it’s my first time to have car accident in my life! It’s good thing that it happened in the rear of the car, not in the front of the car…less impact, I think. We pulled off and found out that the other driver is only 20 years old woman, that explained! She has old Jeep Wrangler and has steel bumper, my car is Ford Escape and the steel bumper rammed and destroyed my right rear passenger side badly. But good thing that my right rear wheel look fine but don’t know if it will be in good shape if drive in the long distance because the accident site to my home is only less than a mile. I got out of my car and check out the damaged area and whoa! my passenger door is tilted to left side a little bit and some damaged on the door, can’t open the door too. The lady’s jeep look perfect with minor damaged to her wheel well hub, the plastic thing. Important thing is that I am ok and she is ok too. I am showing you the pictures now. I plan to videotape it but the outside is dark and hard to see so the pictures will do and you can get idea what it looks like. *thumb up*, thank you.

P.S. – After the incident, of course I went back to home and my plan of xmas shopping was dropped. Maybe I will do it tomorrow or so. Btw, there’s no oil spill on the driveway as it is from the melting of the snow.

Do you believe in signing Santa Claus?

December 14, 2007 20 comments

By Bug

Look at Deaf children smiling at Santa Claus in this video. Here is the proof: He knows our American Sign Language. Do you believe in Santa Claus? It’s an age-old question, which has become intertwined with the spirit of giving, with the magic of Christmas, and a wish to have one time of the year when truly anything is possible. Seeing is believing. Enjoy this video.

Bears communicate in sign language

December 11, 2007 32 comments

Can the bears express their needs in sign language? Check this video and decide for yourself

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