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Child of Deaf Adults

February 5, 2013 13 comments

By Jimactor

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Deaf People Can Do Anything Except Hear

January 6, 2010 6 comments

Written by Bug

Can your Deaf child become a doctor in the future?  Do we have Deaf Fire Chief? Professional sport players? Does your child talk about becoming a rocket scientist?

Deaf Fire Chief:

Deaf Doctors/Scientists/Dentists:

Kenny Walker the Broncos footbal player:

An listing of Deaf scientists by scientific field:

Chinese Deaf Children know that they can do anything except hear so they  talk about their dreams.

Deaf Quotes and Quotations

May 16, 2008 17 comments

By Bug

“Listen or thy tongue will keep thee deaf.”-Indian Proverb Quotes

“Signs are to eyes what words are to ears. “- Ken Glickman (Deaf Proverbs Book Writer)

“Historians are like deaf people who go on answering questions that no one has asked them. Leo Nikolaevich (Russian Moral Thinker 1828-1910)

” No one is as deaf as the man who will not listen. “ – Jewish Probverb Quotes

“I have always thought it would be a blessing if each person could be blind and deaf for a few days during his early adult life. Darkness would make him appreciate sight; silence would teach him the joys of sound.” – Helen Keller ( Blind and Deaf American Author and Educator 1880-1968 )

“It requires wisdom to understand widsom; the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.” – Walter Lippmann (American Writer, Journalist and Political Commentator 1889 – 1974)

“Just a thought….it is interesting to see that DEAF people can function in the hearing world very well while hearing people cannot function well in the DEAF world. “ – Gil Eastman ( Gallaudet Theatre Art Professor 1934-2006)

“Deaf people can do anything, except hear.”- I. King Jordan (Former President of Gallaudet University)

“Sign language is useful to the deaf but vital to the Italians “- Paul Carvel (Belgian Author, Writer, and Editor)

“Thou shalt not curse the deaf, nor put a stumblingblock before the blind, but shalt fear thy God: I am the LORD. “– Bible Quotes

“Kindness, a language deaf people can hear and blind see. “- Mark Twain (American Humorist, Satirist, Lecturer, Writer) 

“Historians are like deaf people who go on answering questions that no one has asked them. “– Leo Nikoaevich Tolstoy (Philosopher, Thinker, and Novelist)

“The problem is not that the (deaf) students do not hear. The problem is that the hearing world does not listen. “- Rev Jesse L. Jackson ( American Civil Rights Activist, Minister) 

” I’ve always wanted to write a book relating my experiences growing up as a deaf child in Chicago. Contrary to what people might think, it wasn’t all about hearing aids and speech classes or frustrations.” – Marlee Matlin (Deaf Actress)

“At some point we have to stop and say, There’s Marlee, not There’s the deaf actress.” – Marlee Matlin (Deaf Actress)

“No one is as deaf as the man who will not listen.” – Jewish Proverb quotes

“All disputation makes the mind deaf; and when people are deaf, I am dumb “ – Joseph Joubert ( French Moralist and Essayist 1754-1824)

“An umpire in Australia undoubtedly needs to be deaF – in both ears.” – Patrick Rowley (British Sportswriter)

“In terms of a disability, I don’t view myself as having a disability…I function like any other hearing person can. My deafness does not deprive me of anything. I can do anything I want. Except maybe sing.”  Summer Cider (Gallaudet University Recruiter)

“I’m not really deaf; I just faked it to win the Oscar … KIDDING.” – Marlee Matlin (Deaf Actress

“Making the world a better place for the next Deaf generation—and for Deaf people now.” – Matthew S. Moore (Deaf Life Editor)

“The students at Gallaudet University deserve our congratulations. They educated the nation about deafness, and won a long overdue victory for all disabled people.” – Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis ( The following quotations were made after the Deaf President Now Protest of March 1988 )

“As long as we have deaf people on earth, we will have signs. And as long as we have our films, we can preserve signs in their old purity. It is my hope that we will all love and guard our beautiful sign language as the noblest gift God has given to deaf people.” – George Veditz, 1913. ( Former President of National Association of the Deaf )
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Painful Poem: Deaf Love for Talkie

February 14, 2008 24 comments

There is a poignant poem “Deaf Donald” by Shel Silverstein about a little boy, Deaf Donald, who signs, ” I love you,” to Talkie Sue. But because she can’t read his language, she leaves “forever” and never knows that he is trying to tell her that he loves her. This poem is an example of the “absence of understanding” on the part of the characters. I can’t find the picture of Deaf Donald signing to Talkie Sue anywhere on the internet so you can find the children’s book, “A Light in the Attic”, on the page 143. (see below) at many places such as libraries and bookstores. Enjoy reading the poem.

Deaf Donald

Deaf Donald met Talkie Sue

But I Love You was all he could do.

And Sue Said, “Donald I sure do like you.”

But I Love You was all he could do.

And Sue asked Donald, ” Do you like me too?”

But I Love You was all he could do.

“Good-bye then, Donald, I’m leaving you.”

But I Love You was all he could do.

And she left forever and she never knew

That I Love you means I Love You!

-Shel Silverstein

Updated: Our FB reader Sharon found this for you.  Many thanks to her. 


If you appreciate their service, give them a sign.

December 9, 2007 8 comments

Written by Bug

Our Deaf friend from Holland (thanks to Jodi) sent this link :  Please feel free to click it and view Deaf people signing “thank you”. I think the sign for ” thank you” is different a little bit from what we use in our everyday ASL. But this one the sign they are using for the gratitude campaign literally translates as “thank you from the bottom of my heart.” It’s nice to see their simple signed words as they thank the soldiers. I won’t be surprised if the soldiers know the signed words like “thank you”. I am sure some of them have Deaf friends at home…maybe they are CODA (Child of Deaf Adult). Not every soldier has experience with Deaf people. I hope they know that we the Deaf people care about them. Let’s thank them if you appreciate their service. Soldiers around the world appreciate your thoughts and feeling supports. They love their country so they fight for us.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying thank you to the troops for a tough job well done (and whether you agree with the war in Afghanistan, Iraq or not doesn’t/shouldn’t even come into it)….give them a sign, ” Thank you.”

I know everyone has mixed feelings and opinions about the war. Be reminder that country sees pain and grief, but love has tied us together. Support the Troops.

Note for Soldiers:

To Men and Women of the Military,

Thank you so much for your service, being away from your home, family and friends. We and our readers just want to let you know that we appreciate it and thank you for it. Please come back safe and soon.


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