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Korean Sign Language Interpreter is on T.V. news with crying anchor.

December 19, 2011 1 comment

By Bug

North Korean State T.V. Break the News of Kim Jong’s Death with crying anchor and Korean sign language interpreter.

North Korean News breaks the story of the death of Kim Jong Il to viewers.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has died of a heart attack, a tearful state television announcer dressed in black reported.

She said that the 69-year-old “passed away from a great mental and physical strain” while on a train trip, on his way to give “field guidance”.The news agency said he died at 8:30am on Saturday (local time) of a “severe myocardial infarction along with a heart attack”.

An autopsy was performed on Sunday and a funeral is slated for December 28 the agency said.

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Sign Language in Movie

November 7, 2011 7 comments

By Bug

Have you seen the movie: Children of a Lesser God, Love is Never Silent, The Hammer, Switched at Birth, Versa Effect, The Legend of the Mountain Man, and Beyond Silence?  They are using sign language and most of them are Deaf.

This is a list of all of the well-known Deaf actors/actress in the past and today’s cinema and t.v. . I have no idea why I chose to put this list together, but I think this provides a good counterpoint to everyone who thinks that the deaf person  is too often misrepresented in movies.

These outstanding actors are a great example of our ability to succeed on the big screen.

If I left anybody out, by all means let me know or just write your comment in here.

List of films with Deaf actors and actresses:

• A Lot Like Love (2005) – A really sweet and fun movie. The male lead has a deaf brother, who is portrayed as a real person who just happens to be deaf.
• A Summer to Remember (1985) – bitter deaf boy befriended by signing chimp.
• Actions Speak Louder Than Words (British SL, 1992, 22 mins.) “Six deaf performers–three women, three men–are brought together to devise staged pieces on the intersection of gay and deaf cultures, and the highly politicized nature of both.”
• After Image (2001)
• Ai rabu yû (“I Love You” 1999, Japanese SL & Japanese) – directed by Yutaka Osawa and Akihiro Yonaiyama
• Aino ja yhdeksän ihmettä (“Aino and Her Nine Miracles”, Finnish SL, 2000)
• Amy on the lips (TV Film)
• And Your Name is Jonah (1979)
• Animal Facts (2002) (V)…aka Andrew Byrne’s Amazing Animal Facts (2002) (V) (Canada: English title: complete title)
• Avenue X (2004)
• Beyond Silence
• Breaking Through (1996)
• Breaking Through (1996) (TV) …aka After the Silence (2000) (TV) (UK)
• Bridge to Silence (1989)
• Children of a Lesser God (USA, 1986) Directed by Randa Haines Adapted from a play script by Mark Medoff, the film brings us to the encounter between a teacher for the deaf (William Hurt) and a cleaning woman, deaf since birth (Marlee Matlin). The two protagonists converse in ASL (American Sign Language) throughout the film. Golden Globe and Oscar Award for Marlee Matlin.
• Children of Silence (English & British SL??, 1993?) – part of Desmond Wilcox’ “The Visit” series of documentaries
• Choices
• Compensation (1999)
• Dead & Breakfast (2004)
• Dead Silence (1997) …aka Silence de mort (1997) (TV) (Canada: French title)
• Deaf Mute Recitation (1901) …aka Deaf Mute Girl Reciting ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ (1901) (USA: copyright title)
• Deafula (Peter Wolf, 1975)
• Dear Frankie (English and British SL, 2004 ) Mostly in English, but a wonderful movie, so for the moment i’ll include it here
• Dietro il Mondo (“Beyond the World”, Daniele Le Rose, Italian SL, 2004)
• Dietro il mondo 2 (“Beyond the World 2” Daniele Le Rose, Italian SL, 2005/post-production) “a fiction depicting the everyday life for Deaf students in Padova”
• Dr. Hand (Gary Brooks, 2005) a fantasy/adventure from Blue Apple Productions
• Dummy
• Entrevista Com o Surdo Gay (Brazilian SL, 2004)
• Family Stone, The (2005)
• FDTV: Volume One (2004) (V)
• Flesh and Fury (1952)
• Forever Blues (2005)
• Four Weddings and a Funeral – Great Britain, 1994. Directed by Mike Newell
• Gauze (2000)
• Golden Legacy, The (2003)
• Golden Legacy, The (Arthur Luhn, 2003)
• Guitarman (1994) (TV)
• Guy Wonder: Stories and Artwork (2003?)
• Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, The (1968)
• Hello Sweet Baby – (Nenio Mbazima of Deafpower Productions, Johannesburg, South African/Swazi SL with English subs, 2004) “The purpose of the film is teach(ing) teenagers both Deaf and hearing about the dangers of rushing to sex and early pregnancy.”
• I Love You, But (Peter Wolf, 1998)
• In the Company of Men (1997) …aka En compagnie des hommes (1997) (Canada: French title)
• In the Land of the Deaf (France, 1992) Directed by Nicolas PhilibertA passionate and enjoyable documentary about the deaf world, depicting scenes of life at times “educational” and at times personal. In French Sign Language with subtitles.
• Jenseits der Stille (“Beyond Silence”, German SL & German, 1996)
• Jerry Maguire – USA, 1996. Directed by Cameron Crowe
• Johnny Belinda (1948)
• Journey of the Deaf (Avy Hemy, 2000) – “Two Deaf actors from a deaf theater troupe leave their families in Israel for the first time to participate in an international puppet festival (in Cuba.) There they meet with the community of the deaf, the Palestinian community, musicians, dance troupes and theater companies, as well as the average Cuban on the street. While they revel in the splendor of the encounter with Cuban culture, the journey turns into a search for human contact.”
• Journeys (English and British SL, 2000)
• Key, The (1996)
• Keychain (Rene Visco, 2005) from LightKitchen
• Kiss My Act (2001) (TV)
• Koshish (Gulzar, Hindi and Indian SL, 1972) “..a landmark movie in the history of Indian cinema …about a deaf and mute couple and their conflicts, pain and struggle to carve out a niche for themselves in a desensitized society, sees perhaps the finest acting by any lead pair in the entire course of 125 years of Hindi Cinema.”
• La notte brava – Italy, 1959. Directed by Mauro Bolognini
• Le pays de sourds (“In the Land of the Deaf”, French SL & French, 1992) – excellent documentary on deaf school life in France
• Les mains du sourd (French and French SL, 1988)
• Listen To The Hands Of Our People (Jade Films, 1993?)
• Lot Like Love, A (2005)
• Love is Deaf (2005) – “ impossible love story about two broken hearts separated by language but brought together by their otherness.”
• Love is Never Silent – (1985) “Set in the depression, somewhere in the east coast, and during WWII. lovely story … a LOT of labor and class politics happening”
• Mammoth (2006) (TV)
• Man of a Thousand Faces (1957)
• Marianna Ucrìa (Italian and Italian SL?, 1997)
• Miracle on 34th Street (1994)
• Miracle Worker, The (USA, 1962) Directed by Arthur Penn Adapted from a play script by William Gibson, the movie recounts the struggle of an instructor in Alabama in her attempts to teach a deaf-blind girl, Helen Keller, about the world through the use of hands.
• Mockingbird Don’t Sing (2001)
• Mr. Holland’s Opus (USA, 1995) Directed by Stephen Herek A music composer, Glenn Holland, is forced to give up musical career to start teaching in high school. However, he and her wife have to face the painful experience of raising up a deaf son. Only when he retires, he discovers a deep relationship with his son and sees his dream of composing a symphony come true.
• Nathie: No Hand-Me Downs (2004) Full-length documentary about Nathie Marbury, comedian and storyteller.
• Night Out, A (1981)
• Nine Lives (2005)
• No Talking Allowed (Matt Daigle & Yoon Lee, 2003)
• Object of Beauty, The – USA, 1991. Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg
• On and off stage: the Bruce Hlibok story (Jade Films, 2002)
• Out of the Past (1947) …aka Build My Gallows High (1947) (UK)
• Passion of Words Turning Into Action (Jade Films, 2004)
• Piano, The (Australia – New Zealand, 1993) Directed by Jane Campion The story of a woman, mute since age 6, who arrives from Europe in New Zealand, at the end of the 19th century, with her daughter and a piano to marry a farmer. The woman communicates in signs which the daughter translates into spoken words.
• Piao liang ma ma (“Breaking the Silence”, Mandarin, 1999) – a Chinese mother’s attempts to give an oral education to her deaf son. It doesn’t seem, then, to belong on this list, but i’m leaving it here for now as a rare? deaf-themed Chinese film.
• Pinky Tells the Real Story (Pinky Aiello, 2005) Comedy and the inside scoop about videophone & Video Relay Service
• Project X (1987)
• Quiet, The (2005)
• Rangeland Romances (2004)
• Regardez-moi, je vous regarde (“Look at Me, I Look at You”, French SL, 1996) – “Homage in form of a poem to Japanese photographer Koji Inoue, told in sign language by a deaf actor, Levent Beskardes”
• Reservoir Wolves (2001, British SL) 10 mins.
• Ridicule – France, 1996. Directed by Patrice Leconte
• River Wild, The (1994) Directed by Curtis Hanson
• Sandlot 2, The (2005) (V)
• Signs of Us (2000)
• Soda Stories (in open development, and accepting submissions) “a commentary about how it is for people with Deaf siblings.”
• Somalia (Jade Films, not yet released)
• Sound and Fury (2000) – powerful documentary on cochlear implants
• Sourds à l’image (French and French SL, 1995)
• Speakeasy (2002)
• Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997)
• Sprechende Hände (David Gertrud, German SL, 1925) Documentary about deaf life in Germany?
• Stille Liebe (“Secret Love”, German & German SL, 2001)
• Story of Marianna Ucria, The (Italy – France – Portugal, 1997) Directed by Roberto Faenza Loosely adapted from a novel by Dacia Maraini, it is a story of Marianna, mute since age 5, in Sicily during the first half of the 18th century. When she grows up, Marianna (portrayed by the deaf actress Emanuelle Laborit) discovers sign language from a French teacher.
• Story on Page One, The – USA, 1959. Directed by Clifford Odets
• Summer to Remember, A (1985) (TV)
• Svadba tishiny (“Wedding of Silence”, Pavel Medvedev, Russian SL, 2004)
• Témoins sourds, témoins silencieux (“Deaf Witnesses, Silent Witnesses”, Brigitte Lemaine and Stéphane Gatti, French, 2000) – also see an in-depth review
• Think Me Nothing (1975)
• Think Me Nothing (Peter Wolf, 1975)
• Towering Inferno, The – USA, 1974. Directed by John Guillermin
• Ultimate Song, The (2002) (V)
• Universal Signs (2006) “a modern silent film … captioned for the hearing”
• Verkannte Menschen (in German SL, with German subtitles?, 1932)
• Versteend verdriet (“Petrified Sorrow”, Mieke Julien, Dutch SL, Dutch? & English?, 2002) “The story of one Dutch Jewish family’s experiences during World War II.”
• Welcome 2 My Deaf World (English and Australian SL, 2005) “This story of two teenagers on the edge of change is really the saga of what it means to be deaf in contemporary Australia.”
• What the Deaf Man Heard
• What’s the Worst That Could Happen? (2001)
• Where are you? I’m Here. (Italy 1993) Directed by Liliana Cavani A story about the relationship between two young deaf: middle-class Fausto, who wants to be integrated into the hearing society, and working-class Elena, who wants to be accepted for what she actually is. Both main characters, Chiara Caselli and Gaetano Carotenuto, acted using LIS (Italian Sign Language).
• Wild Child, The (France, 1970) Directed by François Truffaut A film-essay based on a true story. In the summer of 1793, a wild boy, discovered in the Aveyron woods, arrives at the national institute for the deaf in Paris. The doctor, Jean Itard, tries to give him language.
• Wusheng de he (“Silent River”, Ning Jingwu, Mandarin? and Chinese SL, 2000) “Beautifully shot with the same unique sensibility that pervades the films of compatriots Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige, ‘Silent River’ tells the poetic and lyrical tale of a group of deaf students and the friendship they form with their tutor in the search for personal happiness.”
• You’d Be Surprised (1926) – “a Victor/Victoria-esque Deaf role where [Granville] Redmond, a Deaf man, played a Hearing man pretending to be a Deaf man in order to provide the plot twist.”

TV series featuring deaf actors and/or sign language
• “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (2000) TV Series 8.
• “Deaf Perspectives” (1994) TV Series
• “” (2003) TV Series
• “Law and Order” TV Series
• My Name is Earl (2006) TV Series
• “NCIS” (2006) TV Series
• “Reasonable Doubts” (1991) TV Series 8 (Pete, this is the one we were trying to remember!)
• “Saved” (2006): Triage TV Episode
• “Second Voyage of the Mimi, The” (1988) TV Series 3.
• “Seinfeld” (1990): The Lip Reader TV Episode 8.
• “Sesame Street” (1969) TV Series 8. Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird (1985)
• “Simpsons, The” (1989): Lisa on Ice TV Episode 7.
• “Sirens” (1993): The Sound of One Hand Clapping TV Episode
• “Six Feet Under” (2001): Familia TV Episode 8
• “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye” (2002) TV Series 6
• “Voyage of the Mimi, The” (1984) TV Series 5

“West Wing, The” (2000) TV Series

There are many more films . Try these links below.


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First CODA becomes the Governor of South Dakota!

February 6, 2011 11 comments

By Bug



Dennis Daugaard, South Dakota’s 32nd Governor

South Dakota has a new Governor who knows American Sign Language and he is well liked and best known in the Deaf community. He is the first child of deaf adult (CODA) elected into the governor position last January 8th. His name is Dennis Daugaard. He is a republician.  Before that, he served as a member of the South Dakota State Senate for six years in late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Dennis was raised on the Deaf family’s farm. His first language is American Sign Language.  He was an interpreter, a bus driver, law clerk and security guard while attending law school. After that he became an attorney and worked in the Chicago area for three years. He told one of the reporters that he has always been an advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing subjects. he would always recognize and open to the topics as governor. He is a supporter of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community’s needs.

Here’s a link to view the video of him before he ran for the Governor of South Dakota, he was talking about his background. You would see his Deaf parents in the video.  Be sure to turn the closed caption on:

To learn more about South Dakota’s Governor Dennis Dauggard:


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George Veditz film preserved by the Library of Congress

December 28, 2010 4 comments


Darth Vader proclaiming he’s Luke Skywalker’s father, John Travolta preening in his underwear and an early 20th-century deaf activist communicating in sign language are among the images that will be preserved by the Library of Congress as part of its National Film Registry. 1913’s “Preservation of the Sign Language,” a two-minute film of George Veditz, one-time president of the National Association of the Deaf of the United States. Veditz was one of the first to make motion picture recordings of American Sign Language, and in the film, he argues forcefully for the right of deaf people to sign instead of
speak. View movie clip from Gallaudet Video Catalog:
To read full story, click here

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NC School For The Deaf Bus Involved In Fatal Crash

November 15, 2010 Comments off

A school bus from the North Carolina School for the Deaf was involved in a fatal crash along Highway 109 on Friday afternoon.

Fire officials said a car collided with the bus at about 3:30 p.m., killing a person in the car. That person wasn’t identified.

The driver of the bus, as well as another adult that was on the bus, were injured and taken to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. Renee McCoy, a spokeswoman at the school, said the nature of the injuries isn’t life-threatening.

No other injuries were reported.

Officials said Highway 109 was blocked for several hours while crews investigated.

McCoy said the bus had just finished dropping off its last student and was on its way back to Morganton.

McCoy said some students spend the week at the school and are picked up on Monday and dropped of on Friday afternoon.

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