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Marlee Matlin in Chicago

April 20, 2009 7 comments

By Jimactor, JFLMad and Fookem

Summary: We all went to the Borders bookstore in Oak Brook, IL on Friday night (April, 17, 2009) to meet Marlee Matlin at her book signing. Read summary about her life book, “I’ll Scream Later”.

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Marlee Matlin’s experiences with abuse, drugs and violence

April 16, 2009 6 comments

Marlee Matlin writes a book (I’ll scream later) about her experiences with abuse, drugs and violence.

Marlee Matlin entered our lives as the deaf pupil turned custodian audiences fell in love with in Children of a Lesser God, a role for which she became the youngest woman ever to win a Best Actress Oscar. More than twenty years after her stunning big screen debut, the Golden Globe- and Emmy-nominated actress is an inspirational force of nature — a mother, an activist, and a role model for millions of deaf and hard-of-hearing people around the world.

In I’ll Scream Later, Marlee takes readers on the frank and touching journey of her life, from the frightening loss of her hearing at eighteen months old to the highs and lows of Hollywood, her battles with addiction, and the unexpected challenges of being thrust into the spotlight as an emissary for the deaf community. She speaks candidly for the first time about the troubles of her youth, the passionate and tumultuous two-year relationship with Oscar winner William Hurt that dovetailed with a stint in rehab, and her subsequent romances with heartthrobs like Rob Lowe, Richard Dean Anderson, and David E. Kelley.
Though she became famous at the age of twenty-one, Marlee struggled all her life to connect with people, fighting against anyone who tried to hold her back. Her own mother often hid behind their communication barrier, and Marlee turned to drugs before she even started high school. However, she found in acting — with the encouragement of her mentor, Henry Winkler— a discipline, a drive, and a talent for understanding the human condition that belied her age and her inability to hear. By the time Hollywood embraced her, she had almost no formal training, a fact that caused many other deaf actors to give her the cold shoulder, even as she was looked upon as a spokesperson for their community.

She has played memorable roles on wildly popular television shows such as Seinfeld, The West Wing, and The L Word, danced a show-stopping cha-cha-cha on Dancing with the Stars, and now, with uncompromising honesty and humor, Marlee shares the story of her life — an enduring tale that is an unforgettable lesson in following your dreams.

Actress Marlee Matlin appears on CNN’s “Larry King Live” on Monday night to talk about her sexual abuse. [Read more…]

For Chicago people, Border Books on 16th St. in OakBrook at 7 pm, Marlee Matlin will be there to sign the book tomorrow night (Friday, April 17th). So, it is your chance to meet her in person.

Local Schedule Appearances (For booksigning)

April 17th – Borders #20, Oak Brook, IL
April 18th – Monteverde Academy, Orlando, FL
April 19th – NTID, Rochester, NY
April 20th – Unique Lives, Denver
April 21st – Cal State Northridge, CA
April 26th – LA Times Book Festival, CA
April 27th – Unique Lives, San Jose
May 6th – Star Ceremony, Hollywood Walk of Fame, CA
May 8th – Barnes & Noble #2089, The Grove, LA

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Marlee Matlin in US Magazine

April 28, 2008 8 comments

US Magazine – Marlee Matlin reflects on DWTS: “I Dropped the F-Bomb”. [Read more story about her…]

The two recently hit Us’ Hot Hollywood bash.

The Dancing with the Stars clique got down. How is dancing with partner Marlee Matlin? “She’s awesome!” Fabian Sanchez tells Us.

John Stamos mingled with Marlee Matlin. “So far so good,” she told Us of her DWTS gig.

DWTS Diary Week 7 Marissa Jaret Winokur – ‘Week 7: Marlee Matlin Brought More Class to the Show Than DWTS Has Ever Had’ [Read more about her…]

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Marlee Matlin in OK Magazine ( May 5, 2008 )

April 28, 2008 4 comments

OK magazine – Marlee Matlin is at her gym in Pasadena to learn the secrets of her 18-pound weight loss and how she keeps it off.

For more with Marlee, check out this week’s issue of OK!

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DWTS Week 6 (Marlee Matlin)

April 22, 2008 14 comments

Marlee danced fairly last night and got the lowest scores from the judges, 7 points each for the total of 21 points. There is a good chance that she could be eliminate tonight but hope she will be safe from all of your votes! Let’s pray that she will survive the cut tonight.

Below is other video that all dancers danced in the group and it is first time that DWTS had the group dance together same time.

FLASH NEWS – Marlee is out!

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