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Larry King Live interviewed with Deaf victims

March 31, 2010

Written by Bug

Larry King Live interviewed with Deaf victims yesterday on TV about the Deaf Sex Abuse at  St. John’s School for the Deaf in St Francis, Wisconsin. Father Lawrence C. Murphy, who worked there from 1950 to 1974, starting as a teacher and rising to director, allegedly molested scores of pupils, preying on his victims in their dormitories and on class trips. A priest molested up to 200 Deaf boys and he avoided justice until he died in 1998.  Even though Pope Benedict XVI knew about the abuse but he ignored pleas to stop the priest who molested the Deaf boys. St. John’s Deaf school is no longer there since 1983.  

Here’s Larry Live’s transcripts:


LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, will the latest Catholic sex scandal bring down the Pope? Victims reveal right here. What a priest allegedly did to them as children decades ago. They claim that conspiracy and cover-up kept the abuse of as many 200 boys quiet until now.

Three men who say they were sexually abused as children by Catholic priests tell their story all these years later, hoping someone is going to listen to them now. That’s next.


KING: By the way, on that Massachusetts story we just talked about, Alina Cho will follow it up in detail tomorrow morning on CNN’s “AMERICAN MORNING.”

The Catholic Church is reeling over the latest sex scandal. A priest, Father Lawrence Murphy, is believed to have sexually abused as many as 200 boys in Wisconsin decades ago.

Father Murphy, by the way, died in 1998.

Arthur Budzinski alleges that he was molested by Father Murphy while a student at St. John’s School for the Deaf. Gigi Budzinski, Arthur’s daughter, will serve as his interpreter.

Gary Smith says that he too was sexually molested by Father Murphy.

Arthur, when did this — when did this start? How old were you?

GIGI BUDZINSKI, FATHER SAYS HE WAS MOLESTED BY FATHER MURPHY: I was 12 years old when Father Murphy molested me.

KING: How did it happen to start with?

BUDZINSKI: I asked to make a confession, and Father Murphy asked me to go into a closet, and then he molested me in the closet. I was shocked.

KING: Did he — did Arthur understand what was going on?

BUDZINSKI: He knew he was wrong. And he was sweating. He was upset.

KING: Why didn’t Arthur report it?

BUDZINSKI: He did tell — he did talk to another priest. Because they would switch over once like for a week, and he told Father Walsh. He had a confession with Father Walsh, and he told him that Murphy molested him. Because he didn’t want to talk to his parents. He was embarrassed. He thought he should talk to a priest who would talk to another priest.

KING: What did Father Walsh say? BUDZINSKI: He waited until Murphy came back, and then — I saw Father Walsh talk to Murphy in the hallway, and I knew immediately that they were talking about me. I walked and I peek around the corner.

And he saw them arguing with each other. And then they noticed me peeking around the corner, and they went down around the corner to the library.

KING: Did it happen many times?

BUDZINSKI: It happened three times to me.

KING: All at age 12?

BUDZINSKI: When I was 12, 13, and 14.

KING: And Gary Smith, you were in the school at the same time with Arthur?

BUDZINSKI: At the same time. I became Catholic when I was 10 years old, and then when I was 12, Father Murphy molested me. And I was shocked about that. And it was also when I was in — I would make a confession in his office.

He’d take me up north, and on a senior trip, and he went to New York. And the last time he went to Minnesota, for the senior trip, and he was molested then. Fifty to 60 times. The last time was when he was 20 years old.

KING: Did he report it at all?

BUDZINSKI: No. He was scared. He didn’t know if he should tell anyone. He — felt like Murphy was so powerful that he couldn’t do anything.

KING: Why now?

BUDZINSKI: He wants to protect other people from it happening to other people and helping them come forward.

KING: So all these years, both of these men have held this in?

BUDZINSKI: In 1972, he got really angry, and then another classmate of theirs, Robert Bolger, and Arthur Budzinski, they went to the Milwaukee Police Department.

KING: Were charges filed?

BUDZINSKI: No. Nothing happened.

KING: We’ll ask our guests what they would do to authorities now. What they would tell the Pope if they had the chance to meet with him, next.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) KING: Arthur Budzinski, did the police do anything?

BUDZINSKI: No, they did nothing. There was a statute of limitations at that time. So they couldn’t for him. But right now what they — what Wisconsin needs to do is remove the statute of limitations on child sex abuse.

KING: It still exists, of course?

BUDZINSKI: Yes. You have until you’re the age of 35 to come forward, and that’s all. And when — at that time, you’re only allowed six years.

KING: Gary, are you surprised that all of this was going on?

BUDZINSKI: Yes. It’s about time that people start to know about this.

KING: We’re joined in Milwaukee by Donald Marshall, who alleges he was sexually abused by Father Murphy while a resident at juvenile detention center. The alleged molestation occurred after Murphy had left St. John’s School for the Deaf.

How old were you when it happened, Donald?


KING: What was the — tell us what occurred.

MARSHALL: I was at Lincoln Hills School for Boys in Irma, Wisconsin. Father Murphy would come into the institution about three or four times a week to talk with kids. That’s how I first met him.

I ended up getting myself into trouble, and I ended up in the security cottage. Father Murphy found out and he came to visit me. He was locked in my cell with me. First it started out with just reading the bible.

And then he moved over, put his hand on my knee. I just — you know I just thought of it as, you know, a friendly gesture. I didn’t think anything of it. Then he leaned over and started kissing and fondling me.

I don’t know — it went on for a few minutes. I don’t know how I — I got him to back off somehow. I don’t even know how. A few minutes later, he left my cell.

I, for one — I did immediately report it to one of the security officers who —

KING: What did they do?

MARSHALL: Well, he took me to — well, he left for a minutes and went and made a phone call. He then took me up to the superintendent’s office. I told my story to the superintendent. He said he would get back to me in a day or two. I was brought back to his office the next day.

I was told that he reported Father Murphy. At that time he was told that Father Murphy had been accused of doing this several different times before. He said that he didn’t know what they were going to do on their end. But as far as he was concerned, Father Murphy would never be allowed in the institution again.

After that I had never seen Father Murphy again.

KING: Wow. What — what, Arthur, would you say to the Pope?

MARSHALL: You know —


KING: Hold on, Don. Then you.

MARSHALL: I’m sorry.

BUDZINSKI: I think the Pope should resign. He needs — somebody needs to clean up the church.

KING: You don’t think he has done enough?

BUDZINSKI: That’s right. He hasn’t done enough.

KING: What about Gary?

BUDZINSKI: He forgave Father Murphy. He didn’t take him — they set up a trial and —

KING: This is when he was a bishop, right?

BUDZINSKI: When he was — yes, when he was still a priest.

KING: A priest.

BUDZINSKI: Yes. And they set up a trial, and then Father Murphy wrote a letter. He was sick. And they dropped the trial.

KING: Gary, what do you think the Pope should do?

BUDZINSKI: He should resign. He should be like his brother. His brother told the truth about how he was abusing children, his older brother. But the Pope still denies that he knew anything.

KING: Donald, what do you think? What should the church do?

MARSHALL: The church — there is nothing the church can do. You know they can’t clean up what they’ve allowed to happen for decades. These priests have been allowed to abuse children for years.

And with the man who is now the Pope knowing about what Father Murphy alone was doing and not doing anything about it, he needs to resign. He has no business being in the position he is in.

KING: We will have a major panel discussion on all of this. We thank our guests for being with us.

Note: click this link to read Larry King’s more interviews before and after Deaf victims http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1003/30/lkl.01.html

  1. DeafPixie
    March 31, 2010 at 11:54 am

    Too late this case might too late and Guess what in Canada if someone likely BUDZINSKI AND Marshall are more likely true victims as mine. Canada law is up to 40 years. Why not their case has not been opening and lawsuits were dropped and neglected the case were not finished. I cannot understand ..
    …Today only hearing people who are victims can sue more than 7 years status of limitations are not being fair for Deaf people who cannot file lawsuit less 6 months. American Disabitiles Act law will not reopening for Budzinski and Marshall or other member of catholic the boy attended that time. It is not acceptable behavior are CRIMINAL and NEGLECT

  2. Jimactor
    March 31, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    Why did Buzinski have his daughter to be his sign language interpreter? Why can’t he hire professional interpreter?

  3. InsaneMisha
    March 31, 2010 at 1:33 pm


    That is where I’m lost at that point. I’m very furious how could Larry King and Buzinski’s daughter handled the intervew! Never, ever use a child nor relative to interpret regardless whether they’re adults or not…it is still a big fat NO NO in Deaf’s eyes. I’m very disgusted with Larry King and Buzinski’s daughter.


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