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The Fingerspellers (Sign Language Comedy Mini-Series)

March 15, 2010

The first of eight episodes of the sign language comedy mini-series, The Fingerspellers – all about a family of deaf gangsters who protect themselves through the power of sign language! The series premiered as part of the deaf magazine show Wicked, which was made by the deaf production company Remark! (http://www.remark.uk.com/) for the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust. (For more info: http://bslbt.co.uk) This first installment was broadcasting the Community Channel on Monday 8th March 2010 as part of episode one of Wicked’s third series! See the whole ep here: http://www.bslbt.co.uk/wicked/programmes/series_3/episode_one/episode_one/

The Fingerspellers is directed by William Mager and was created and written by Charlie Swinbourne.

Join the Facebook group for information on future episodes and much more: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=348975481510

Episode 1: The New Delivery Boy – synopsis

This first episode introduces us to the Fingerspeller family, and their boss, Deaffather, who controls the deaf clubs in Metro City. When a rival family, the Operas, come looking for a brand new invention called the Textphone, the family, and their brand-new delivery boy get a nasty surprise… all in the length of time it takes to fingerspell the alphabet! Look out for the next episode, which will be released here on YouTube in April!


Ilan Dwek
Matt Kirby
Rebecca-Anne Withey
Stephen Collins
Matt Gurney
Diana Martin
David Hirshman
Cathy Heffernan
Dani Sive
Martine Laverty


Director: William Mager
Writer: Charlie Swinbourne
Producer: Sarah Tavner Executive
Producer: Mark Nelson
Director of Photography: Paul Curran Camera
Assistant: Chris Preston
1st AD: Dee Hellier
Makeup Artist: Jo Grover
Makeup Assistant: Sylvia Atkins
Costume Designer: Jessica Allen
FX and Props: John Mackie
Graphics and Animation: James Merry


BSLBT: http://bslbt.co.uk
Remark: http://www.remark.uk.com/
William Mager (director): http://wlmager.com/
Charlie Swinbourne (writer): http://charlieswinbourne.wordpress.com

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