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CODA is driving the coffee company van???

November 24, 2009

By Bug

CODA stands for Child of Deaf Adult. CODA is a person who was raised by a Deaf parent or guardian. Many CODAs identify with Deaf and hearing cultures.

One late summer day I was driving on I-25 in Denver, CO and saw this coffee ad on the red and white van. It really caught my attention because I almost thought that was CODA driving a coffee van. That would be GREAT if CODA serves everyone a free coffee in the Deaf community!

I contacted that company and requested them to explain what CODA stands for. Roastmaster Tim responded (See below). Their coffees are named after musical terms, he explained.

Tim can fingerspell and sign a little bit. He took American Sign Language class when he was in high school. If you want to do a tour let them know how many people there are, and they’ll see if they can do it. To learn more about their coffee company: http://www.codacoffee.com/site/index.html

Note from CODA:

The definition of the word coda is essentially the final movement of a symphony, or some piece of music. At Coda we have a slight musical theme, our coffees are named after musical terms. There is a long journey/process a coffee bean must go through before it reaches the consumer, and we feel as a coffee roaster we are the final movement or the “coda” to the consumer. We have heard of the acronym “Child of a Deaf Adult.” I actually took a little sign language in high school. Our intention was purely musical though. I appreciate the inquiry, and invite you in for a tour some time. We’ll give you some coffee, and show you our operation. In the mean time, best of luck to you and yours. Love coffee, drink coda.


Tim Thwaites

Coda Coffee Co.

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