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Speeding Ticket.. For Deaf And Blind Man

March 1, 2009

STUNNED Martyn Styles has been sent a £60 speeding fine – even though he cannot drive because he is deaf and blind.

Police say Martyn, 42, who has never even sat behind the wheel of a car, was caught in a speed trap doing 36mph in a 30mph zone.

And Martyn was informed he would have three penalty points slapped on his non-existent licence. Yesterday, he said: “I’m shocked and upset.

“They say they’ve got evidence against me. Well, let’s see the picture of me with my white stick and my guide dog driving that car.”

Martyn lives with his wife Dawn and their nine-year-old son Chris, who are both also deaf.

Dawn sometimes drives their Renault Scenic Privilege, which is registered in Martyn’s name, short distances from home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, but never travels far.

Humberside Police wrote to say Martyn was spotted in a Renault bearing their registration number GK55 UDX in Hull. But on the day of the offence, the couple were 180 miles away having lunch at Chris’s school.

Dawn said: “We can’t believe it. My husband can’t drive. Only I drive.

“It was the same kind of car as ours and the same registration number but it wasn’t our car. It couldn’t have been. There’s no way we were in Hull – we don’t even know where Humberside is.”

The couple now fear their number plate has been cloned.

The police letter said there was “photographic, videographic or radar evidence” of Martyn speeding. They are now investigating further after the couple complained.

  1. March 1, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    Oh,no! Never heard of that! Amazing me about ticket to blind-deaf man were not driving at all. How idiot the cop gave him a ticket. His wife did drove. It is not make a sense to me?

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