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Scary DeafRead Bone Soup

October 31, 2008

By Bug

On Fookem’s way home from the market, he took a short cut through the DeafRead cemetery. There, sticking up out of the ground, he saw a big deaf bone. He picked it up and looked it over carefully.

Fookem signed to himself, “ This will make a very good soup bone, I think I will take it home. It’s perfect weather for hot soup. My father Jimactor and brother JFLMad will enjoy the soup.”

When he got home, the first thing he did was start the soup. Into the big soup pot went water, carrots, green beans, corn, barley, onions, potatoes, a snitch of beef, some salt and pepper, and the bone. He brought it all to a boil, then brought it down to a simmer.

“Yum!” he signed, sniffing it and tasting it. “ I can hardly wait till supper. I must get my father and brother to come and eat with me.”

Fookem’s blackberry pager shook wildly. He picked it up and read. The message said, “ May I have back my bone, please?”

He paid not attention. Soon he saw his shaky pager again. Same message came in. He chose to ignore it. He flashed his kitchen light to get his father and brother’s attention. They came in and sat down. Soup smelled so good.

JFLMad said, “ HOLD!!! Where is Bug? We should email and ask him to join us for dinner! We love him like a buggy brother!”

Jimactor said, “ Yes! I agree! Let’s call him!”.

Fookem said, “ nahh! Not my problem! He is too busy with his cold hearing-mute girlfriend. Did you see his story at our website? Go and check it at https://fookembug.wordpress.com/2008/10/10/bug-got-a-new-cold-hearingmute-girlfriend/ Leave him alone. He is a fool for being with a cold-hearted girlfriend“

They laughed and agreed to eat without Bug. They were so happy eating their first deaf bone soup.

Fookem’s pager shook, and again he didn’t take any notice. In a little while, the annoying-loud shaken pager did not work enough to get his attention. There was a strange ghosty message writing on the wall as if it spoke up once more. It was beginning to sound angry… “ GIVE ME BACK MY BONE!”.

Everyone kept ignoring it.

“Some deaf people are too impatient,” he muttered.

The videophone (vp) flasher turned on to blind everyone. Fookem ran and grabbed his useless vp remote under the web. A unhappy spider bite his finger because he destroyed the web. Fookem signed, “OUCH!” then he sucked his finger to make himself feel better. He looked at a spider and signed, “ Go away, you little fool!” Then he blew it off the wooden table.

He answered the vp. The caller was Bug! Fookem asked, “ What do you want? We are eating…”

Bug said, “ know what? I saw the rumors from DeafRead people saying that someone took the bone of Alexander Graham Bell out of DeafRead cemetery ! Let’s make the report …… they depend on us because we Hear all, See all, Know all, and Share all. Do you know anything about the bone?????”

Fookem’s eyes opened wide like a night owl.

Then his pager got on fire. It became a written language in the smoke, “ I WANT MY BONE BACK!”. The message was very angry and it was so loud that the whole house shook.

Jimactor and JFLMad ran out of house.

Fookem screamed and used his foolish facial expression in ASL, “ FINNNISSSSHHHH” and hung up on Bug. He ran to the Deaf kitchen and reached into the pot, grabbed the bone, and threw it out the window. In a strong deaf voice just as loud, he signly shouted,

Bug rang and rang…fookem ran to vp snd pick up the phone. Bug wanted to sign ” STOP! DROP! ROLL!” then he hunng up.

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  1. Jacey
    November 2, 2008 at 11:32 pm

    he he that is so funny!

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