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5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Southern California.

July 30, 2008

Site of Quake

By Bug

At 11:42a.m. on Tuesday, July 29th, 5.4 magnitude earthquake rattled Southern California. One minute later I got an email from my Deaf friend named Gary as “NuttyGuy”, his first message was ” We had a jolt! Earthquake!”. He and his son felt the shaking so they ran outside. They are okay.

A few minutes later I got another email from my old high school friend Elaine. She wrote, “We just had an earthquake, it shook really hard. I’m shaking in fear…it hit Chino Hills 5.8. ” She is scared to go out for workout at gym. She decided not to go.

At Mt. San Antonio College (Mt.SAC) had cancelled all afternoon and evening classes because of an earthquake. It is a well known college to the Deaf Communities because they have many Deaf and Hard of Hearing students attending for many years. Also, they have the sign language interpreter program. it is located at Walnut not far from Chino Hills where an earthquake hit. Two students suffered minor injuries and as many as 40 buildings sustained damage when Tuesday’s temblor rolled through the campus of Mt.Sac. Nobody said if the injuried students are DHH or Hearing. All classes will open today.

A Deaf teacher Marie from Mt. Sac and South Hills high school sent her wireless email saying that she was on the way home and felt it which she thought it was the wind. She said, ” I was on 71 freeway I felt it but I thought it was the wind. One min later I got home. Neighbor came over told me just had earthquake! Dogs barked so much when I got home one minute after. House was fine…found a small stuffed animal that fell. I have felt no aftershocks so far ….”

Another DHH teacher Karen was in Irvine and said that she got the text messages from her fiance and kids saying they ‘re having an earthquake and a few seconds later her students and aide felt it. “Our building got two slight cracks. OMG! it was strong and felt like a wave.”

My mother was at home when it happened. She called through myiprelay and left her message to my sidekick. She said, ” Hi Eric. This is your mother calling. We just had a big earthquake here in Southern California. I am ok but so far they said it was a 5.8 and it was nerve wracking it seemed like it took quite a big but I was able to get out of my chair and get to a door way and it was still shaking so I think there must have been some pretty good damage around because it expanded quite large uh the only uh my stuff shook but the only thing that it broke my beautiful was those uh remember those glass flowers that I purchased one by one qq it threw them to the floor as far as I am donderned that was the only thing damaged  talk to u soon …….”

The strongest earthquake to strike a populated area of Southern California in more than a decade rattled windows and chandellers, made buildings away and sent people running into the streets yesterday. But there were no immediate reports of serious injuries or major damage.  If the earthquake happens, if inside, stay inside. Many people are injured at entrances of building by falling debris. 

To learn more about the earthquake and the safety rules, check out: http://bepreparedcalifornia.ca.gov/EPO/BeInformed/NaturalDisasters/Earthquakes.htm

  1. Nick Vera
    July 30, 2008 at 6:35 am

    Good Morning!

    I am California native and currently reside in Maryland. Thank you for sharing the responsives from others in regarding their personal experience through the earthquake incident. During the day, it would be more easier to alert and to use the personal safety.
    In 1994, the major earthquake impacted my hometown where I used to live in Hollywood, it occured after 4:30 in the morning with the scale of 6.7. It was nightmare and dark morning! I was alone in the hearing neighborhood and have no access to communicate with others upon the news announcement. Later in the day, I found out about the epicenter and Northridge tragedy. Thereafter, the aftershock continued for the week and drove me NUTS! I felt like I was in the ship on the sea and affected me as if I was seasick.

    Thank you again for making this story exclusively.

    Nick Vera

  2. Just Jodi in the Netherlands
    July 30, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    Bug ..
    Omg what an experince for all those people in Calif and your mom !!!
    My buddy Shelli lives in Placenta Ca near San diego, she said she got a good shake and her stuff was knocked off the shelves,, nothing important was damaged, but scared the doody out of her..
    Just glad every one was ok 🙂

    thanks for sharing 😀


  3. user
    July 17, 2009 at 12:57 am

    It is scary!

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