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Dr. Cooper’s Ethereal Oil For Deafness, Aqua, Op, 1840-1855

March 15, 2008

By Bug

“For Deafness” can be seen on this rare bottle. It was used by Dr Cooper’s cure from 1840 to 1855. He believed that Ethereal Oil could cure the deafness. If you have this bottle, don’t throw it away. Do you know how much money your bottle are worth? It’s more than $300 !  It can be found  at http://www.bottlebooks.com/bottlesforsale/bottles4sale.htm  and see “Dr Cooper’s // Ethoreal//Oil//For Deafness on the right side. You will notice the written words on it as it says “For Deafness”.


DR. COOPER’S // ETHEREAL / OIL // FOR DEAFNESS, aqua, open pontil, mint. Very tough to find this clean.$375.00


Another one: http://www.antiquebottles.com/southeast/feb03.html

Pontilled medicine embossed DR. COOPER’S / ETHEREAL OIL / FOR DEAFNESS found in walls of an 1810 Georgia house. Implying a cure for deafness reaches a new level of ridiculous claims by the early quack medicines. Sold on eBay $242 by loualucas.


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