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A Climber’s Blind Determination

February 14, 2008

I work on behalf of Hear the World, a non-profit initiative developed to raise awareness for the topic of hearing loss. This link (http://www.hear-the-world.com/events.htm?id=5084&checksum=269CD39B7378CD140C27A2CD56476971) will bring you to a story about Bill Barkeley, a Grand Rapids, MI man who suffers from Usher’s Syndrome, a unique disorder that affects both vision and hearing (only about 100,000 worldwide suffer from this). Bill has worn a hearing device since the age of 5, and his vision is slowly closing.

Recently, Bill decided to train to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (the 7th tallest mountain in the world) with the assistance of renowned climber Jeff Evans (It’s important to note that Bill never climbed a mountain of any kind prior to this trip). His decision to climb was both for his own personal satisfaction as well as to raise awareness for the issue of hearing loss and the mission of Hear the World. If possible, would you consider posting a message about this story in hopes to help continue to raise awareness about hearing loss, one of the world’s most preventable, yet most common disorders. Currently more than 500 million people worldwide have some form of hearing loss…. That number is expected to hit 700 million within the next 10 years.

As background, you may want to check out the below link to a Good Morning America clip from late-December that is sure to inspire!


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Michael Sinatra

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