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Deaf man die of diabetes itself die in “diabetic coma”

October 29, 2007

By Bug

Jeffrey Andrews

September 1964-October 2007

If you’re diabetic, you’re six or seven times more likely to have a heart attack, and to die of it, than someone who doesn’t have the disease. My old Deaf classmate from high school passed away from it on October 22, 2007. A news came to my attention from a friend of mine  who forwarded Jeffrey’s parents announcement. They requested me to post it on FB for anyone who knew Jeffrey Andrew.  Here’s a memo: 

 Many wondered how Jeffrey died. As everyone knows, Jeffrey was a Diabetic on Insulin. He had several instances in the past 6 months where he bottomed out or had a low blood  sugar problem. He passed out. But he passed out outside his apartment and neighbors and all called an ambulance and he went to the hospital
and they saved him and he went back home. But Jeffrey lived alone. And
this last time he had a low blood sugar problem, he tried to help himself by getting apple juice and drinking it to make his blood sugars higher. But he didn’t make it. He passed out inside his home on the kitchen floor. And he went into a Diabetic Coma and died. When his adoptive parents found Jeff, his body was dead and on the kitchen floor. He still had the apple juice container in his hand. The County Coroner estimated he was dead for about 5 days. We all love Jeffrey and will miss him. We wanted to let you know when Jeffrey’s Memorial Service will be.

Jeffrey Andrews Memorial Services

Jeff will be cremated and buried with his deceased Grandmother in her grave. Jeffrey’s Memorial Services will be this Saturday, November 3, 2007 at 11am. Services will be held at:

Bell Road Baptist Church

707 Bell Road Auburn

California, 95602

Church Hearing Phone: (Use Calif Relay) 530-885-5212

Jeff’s adoptive parent’s phone and Fax: 530-268-3018. If you have more questions, you can also call Mark on Video Phone/Fax/TTD at 530-889-8673

Driving Directions: Coming from Downtown Auburn by K-Mart and Target, on Bell Road, follow out towards Freeway. You will see 3 Big White Crosses on the right side of the road. That is the church where it will be held. Coming the Freeway take Bell Road ecit and the 3 Big White Crosses will be on left hand side of road. But it may not be safe to cross the road there.  This is why we talked about from downtown Auburn. If you have any questions, give Mark a call or Jeffrey’s Adoptive Parents.

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  1. SHHS Friend
    October 29, 2007 at 2:04 pm


    Rest in Peace. We miss you.

    SHHS Friends

  2. Araceli Martinez (Rogoff)
    October 29, 2007 at 4:33 pm

    I am very sorry to heard abt him. My heart goes out to his adaptive parents. I know it is not easily to handle the Diabetic. I am one of them but not on insulin. I do remember him from high school. My pray for them.. God took him and care of him.. Smile
    Araceli Martinez

  3. Gary
    October 29, 2007 at 4:52 pm

    Jeffery was much loved and will be truly missed by everyone whose lives he touched. He will be greatly missed by all of his family and friends. May you rest in peace.

    Gary F.
    aka: Nuttyguy

  4. Elaine
    October 29, 2007 at 8:59 pm

    I remember Jeffery in highschool gosh he was a good person and funny also..
    We will miss him as much as we miss our other class mates whom died in the past.
    Eric told me once that can’t believe how we have had many of our deaf class mates pass away and I realized all of them passed away at young ages..
    Rest in peace Jeff you are in a better place and no more pain either.

  5. Marie Lubman
    November 1, 2007 at 10:52 pm

    The teachers and interpreters at South Hills are saddened to hear about Jeff. Although its been over 20 years, we all remember him well. I remember him always having a nice smile for me everytime we saw each other. Ms. Deutsch remembers always having juice in the refrigerator for him, just in case he needed it. It is always hard to see a student pass on. He will be missed but we have our memories of him to carry on.

  6. Dave Scotton
    November 3, 2007 at 1:05 am

    I first met Jeffrey at summer camp and we became friends.. He was thrilled when I joined SHHS a year later as a junior and he was a senior.. We used to visit each other’s houses.. And I remember going with him to the nurse’s office at camp so he could get his daily shot.. It was shock to learn that he has passed away… My condolences go to his adoptive family…

    Class of 84

  7. Daniel Corral
    November 3, 2007 at 10:24 am

    In deeply loving memory of Jeffrey Paul Andrews… I really shock bout him. Jeff and I used to grew up together since we were kids and become a best friend..after 1994 at the SHHS Class Reuion in Pomona… Remeber that last time I saw him… he was very good guy and funny. I will never forgotten him… he always in my heart and special friend… since 13 years later he has passed aways.. I was very sad that he has left us this world.. and left his family and friend..We will always remember him with his sunshine smile….He will be heaven with his grandmother…shiff shiff…I really miss him and alway remember… take care Jeffrey.. See you in Heaven. Rest In Peace…
    Daniel Corral
    Class of 82

  8. Jeanine Dickerson
    November 5, 2007 at 10:24 am

    In Deeply Loving Memory Of Jeffrey Paul Andrews.. I was shocked all about his death . it is very sad. I did informed to Eric Fifer all about Jeffrey’s death…. I met him on my Enagement Party at my house in December 1986 with Ronald Trisler. He is a such a good friend and funny too.. I will not forget all about his life and it is a hard on him.. He will be up heaven with his adoptive grandmother.
    I will miss him very much and take care Jeffrey .

    Jeanine Dickerson ( Trisler)
    Del Campo Class of 1985.

  9. Friend
    January 10, 2008 at 2:47 am

    Rest in peace, Jeff.

  10. Michael
    January 10, 2008 at 2:59 am

    This is Michael Carrasco and I was his old friend in our high school. I met him in the class. I realized Jeff was a great person with heart and he was really tough and strong than me. He was a great soccer player in our P.E. class. I like his face expression and it reminded me of Famous Marilyn Mornoe and Famous James Dean. Also, Jeff was true great actor and true champion fighter. We will always remember him. May God bless Jeffrey P Andrews’s family and Comfort them during these trying times.

  11. September 8, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Superlike this! You nailed it when you said diabetics are more likely to have a fatal heart attack than non diabetics. sorry to hear about your friend.


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