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St. Paul / Jury convicts deaf driver in traffic stop

September 18, 2007

But sentence suspended for obstructing legal process

Doug Bahl a well known advocate in the Twin Cities deaf community talked about his recent experience in the Ramsey County Jail where he alleges he wasn’t given access to a TTY phone or interpreter while in custody as required by law. He spoke at the office of Legal Aid in Minneapolis Friday afternoon Dec. 8, 2006 and is being represented by attorney Rick Macpherson in part of the proceedings. (Staff)

A deaf St. Paul College instructor who fought with police during a traffic stop has been convicted of misdemeanor obstructing legal process.

Douglas Duane Bahl, a longtime deaf activist, has argued he acted in self-defense when an officer, unable to communicate with him, got rough after pulling him over for allegedly running a red light Nov. 17. Prosecutors argued Bahl was combative and resisted arrest. [read more…]

  1. Anonymous
    September 22, 2007 at 8:46 am

    Hello FB,

    I’d like to share with you. I really admire Deaf Tea’s explaining about every corner of the situation on her vlog. I agreed with her. Before I start, I re-edit my message on this comment from the first comment I left on her vlog. In that way, I guess that it improves my English skills. *grins*

    Anyway, in my opinion, I don’t really blame the cop for his protection because his job is very stressful. He has to be alert all the time. One important thing is about deaf facial expressions. Doug’s “frowning face” on the issue could misunderstand the cop. You know the deaf facial expressions are like when you ask why..the way the eye brows look so serious. It could misinterpret the cop very easily. He probably isn’t educated about the depth of the deaf culture like signing, facial, and body language.

    I do agree that the cop went too far! It’s too much for Doug Bahl.

    I think Doug didn’t realize that it already caused all the misinterpretations by improper cop confrontation which is very dangerous.

    It’s sad about Doug’s civil rights that are ignored. They should NOT do that way. He’s the victim of being ignored.

    I am so pleased with FB sharing this article and then later I read Deaf Tea’s vlog which is interesting to debate on that issue of Doug and the juror’s views. And I read some of other blogs on the issue as well. Really, I think I need to run along now!

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