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Killed for trying to help his deaf pal

August 28, 2007

David Hayes murder scene

The scene where David Hayes was murdered

A reveller celebrating his 21st birthday has become the latest victim of Britain’s knife culture after he was stabbed to death for helping his deaf friend.

David Haynes was attacked outside a kebab shop after he tried to stop a group of bullies taunting his friend, it was claimed.

He was knifed in the stomach and staggered across the street, lifted his top and pointed to the wound.

Mr Haynes, whose brother is also disabled, was taken to hospital but died during surgery. Afriend said last night: ‘He stood up to these yobs because he knew what they were doing wasn’t right. But he paid the ultimate price.’

The stabbing happened in the early hours of Sunday morning in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

Barmaid Sabrina Grant, 21, described how Mr Haynes came staggering across the street towards her.

She said: ‘He lifted up his T-shirt and pointed to the middle of his stomach where he had been stabbed and said “Look”. There was blood everywhere.’

Yesterday floral tributes piled up at the spot where Mr Haynes was stabbed. A note on one bouquet read: ‘Why? Another heartless killing. When will this stop?’

Three men have been arrested and charged with Mr Haynes’s murder.

His death was the latest in a series of seemingly senseless murders. Yesterday, the Everton football team laid flowers at the place where 11-year-old Rhys Jones was shot dead in Liverpool.

On Sunday, three people were charged with the murder in Sunderland of 23-year-old Brent Martin, who had learning difficulties.


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