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Government agency funds adult content programming for the deaf

July 26, 2007

A government body has granted an adult broadcaster a subsidy to provide sign-language translations for a news program in which the presenter doubles as a stripper, stirring controversy among handicapped people and others.

The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), an affiliate of the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry, provided about 150,000 yen in subsidies to Paradise Television Inc. to help pay for its sign-language translations for hearing-impaired viewers of “Hadaka no News Station” (Naked News Station) from October 2006 to March this year.

“Since the broadcaster is providing sign-language translations, we had no reason to refuse the subsidy application,” an NICT official said.

The female presenter of “Hadaka no News Station” gradually takes off her clothes while reporting the news, with the last five minutes delivered completely in the nude.

The broadcasters say they appreciate the subsidy. “We air the program to ensure both handicapped people and those who are not disabled can lead and enjoy the same level of life. Our purpose has been understood.”

However, not all handicapped people are hailing the decision, and a high-ranking official of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf raised doubts about the subsidy.

“It’s my personal view. I generally welcome sign-language translations for TV programs, but it’s questionable to provide a subsidy for this particular program,” said Mitsuji Hisamatsu, secretary-general of the federation headquarters. “There are many other programs for which we want sign-language translations.”

Kaori Kawai, author of “Sex Volunteer,” a book about handicapped people’s sex lives, hopes that the subsidy will trigger discussions on the quality of life of handicapped people.

“Japan tends to avoid discussions about how handicapped people should deal with their sexual desire. Handicapped people should have freedom of choice of TV programs, including adult programs,” she said. “I’d like people to take this opportunity to consider how to improve quality of life for handicapped people.” (Mainichi)

(NOTE FROM FB…..this is an orignial Japanese story *below* ) 

アダルト番組:障害者向け字幕や手話に助成金 CS放送






 ▽字幕番組等制作促進助成金 身体障害者のための通信・放送身体障害者利用円滑化事業推進法に基づき、93年に設けられた。手話や字幕にかかった経費の半額を上限に助成。交付元は、郵政省所管の通信・放送機構だったが、04年からは同年にできた情報通信研究機構。機構には政府が出資している。昨年度までに7万5828本の番組に対して、計41億7961万円が交付された。


 ▽放送評論家、松尾羊一さんの話 視覚・聴覚障害者も楽しめる番組編成は重要だが、CSのアダルト専門放送という限定的な番組にどれだけニーズがあるのか、把握したうえで助成を決めたのか疑問が残る。「障害者への理解」を極端に強調する行為は、裏返せば障害者への差別意識の表れ。(機構が)「助成するのはお堅い番組だけではない」とアピールするため、点数稼ぎを狙ったとも勘ぐりたくなる。


 ▽障害者の性を扱った「セックスボランティア」の著者、河合香織さんの話 健常者と同様に障害者にもある性欲とどう向き合うかについて、日本は欧米に比べて避けたがる傾向が強い。番組に対してどのような感情を抱くかは個人の問題であり、アダルト番組であっても、障害者に番組視聴についての選択の自由があっていい。今回の助成をきっかけに、真に障害者の生活の質を高めるにはどうすべきかを考えてほしい。


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