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Alert for Animal Owners

April 22, 2007

Many people’s pets are like part of the family. The question is ….Are your dogs and cats okay? Many people don’t realize until their beloved pets die from eating the poision pet food. Two deaf couples from Florida lost their deaf cat to kidney failure. One ASL student from New York contacted and reported that his hearing roommate’s dog (terrier) almost die after eating the poision food. In other case a lady reported her deaf and blind dog died in her arms last month. In Canada a little deaf boy is heartbroken since three weeks after he learned his best friend the dog was put to sleep because of kidney failure. Thousands of dogs and cats are facing agonizing deaths after coldhearted company execs waited a full month before revealing their pet food was posioned, furious animal activists charge. Heartless company knew chow was deadly but kept silent. Who is a killer? That is Menu Foods CEO because they knew it would be affecting the animals and they kept it secret. To my best knowledge is the company’s food recall came too late. The recall warningwas delayed until it could confirm the chow’s effect on animals. They did accusing the Ontario based company of leaving tainted food on the market even after they knew it caused dealy kidney failure in cats and dogs. They produced the pet food as it was recalling dog food under 46 brans and cat food sold under 37 bands including Iams, Nutro and Eukanuba. The food was distributed throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico by major retailer such as Wal-Mart, Kroger and Safeway. Fookem and Bug highly recommend you to contact your local governement office and see if they have the report of the poision pet foods and call your veterinarian if you think your pet has been affected by one of the tainted products. Good idea to take your pets to the doctor and ask for the blood test no matter how healthy they can be. You can protect your pet from possible death from the posion food.

Those companies don’t want us to know their foods are dangerous to the animals. Please check those links and help protecting your best friends such as cats, ducks, horses, snakes, hamsters, etc. Here’s a few links for you to check:





Fookem and Bug believe all animals and pets are very important part of everyone’s lives. Because of this, we want them to receive the best lifelong care, and maintain their health well into the “senior” years. Pets today are considered family members, best friends, confidants, and so much more.

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