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Man Allegedly Attempts To Rape Deaf Neighbor

February 6, 2007



NORTHPORT, Ala. — A Northport man is accused of trying to rape his deaf, partially blind neighbor, but police said his attempt was thwarted by attentive neighbors who heard the suspect break in to the victim’s apartment and called police.
Camisco Thomas is currently being held in the Tuscaloosa County jail. He’s been officially charged with first degree burglary, but detectives are planning to upgrade the charges to attempted rape.

Monday morning around 4:00 a.m., neighbors heard Leah Meaux’s window shatter and then heard her scream. They called Northport police, who arrived within minutes.

That’s when officers caught Thomas jumping out of Meaux’s broken window. Meaux is deaf and partially blind. She was able to tell officers though that Thomas hit her in the face, tried to smother her with a pillow and then attempted to rape her, but the police scared him off. Officers said they believe Thomas targeted Meaux because of her disabilities.

Northport Police Chief Robert Green said if neighbors hadn’t called police so quickly, Meaux could have been seriously injured.

“I was glad to see the neighbors get involved, because I’ve always believed crime prevention is not the sole responsibility of police, it’s the responsibility of the entire community,” said Green.


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