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Super Bowl National Anthem Performers And Signers

February 4, 2007


Super Bowl Performer

Super Bowl I Universities of Arizona & Michigan Bands
Super Bowl II Grambling University Band
Super Bowl III Anita Bryant (Pledge of Allegiance by Apollo Astronauts)
Super Bowl IV Al Hirt (Pledge of Allegiance by Astronauts)
Super Bowl V Tommy Loy (trumpeter)
Super Bowl VI U.S. Air Force Academy Chorale
Super Bowl VII Andy Williams & Little Angels of Holy Angels Church (Chicago) Pledge of Allegiance by Apollo 17 crew
Super Bowl VIII Charlie Pride
Super Bowl IX Grambling University Band with Mardi Gras Chorus
Super Bowl X Tom Sullivan
Super Bowl XI Vicki Carr (America the Beautiful)
Super Bowl XII Phyllis Kelly of NE Louisiana State University
Super Bowl XIII Colgate University Thirteen
Super Bowl XIV Cheryl Ladd
Super Bowl XV Helen O’Connell
Super Bowl XVI Diana Ross
Super Bowl XVII Leslie Easterbrook
Super Bowl XVIII Barry Manilow
Super Bowl XIX Children’s Choir of San Francisco
Super Bowl XX Wynton Marsalis
Super Bowl XXI Neil Diamond
Super Bowl XXII Herb Alpert
Super Bowl XXIII Billy Joel
Super Bowl XXIV Aaron Neville
Super Bowl XXV Whitney Houston
Super Bowl XXVI Harry Connick, Jr. (Signed by Lori Hilary)
Super Bowl XXVII Garth Brooks (Signed by Marlee Matlin)
Super Bowl XXVIII Natalie Cole with Atlanta University Center Chorus
(Signed by Courtney Keel Foley)
Super Bowl XXIX Kathie Lee Gifford (Signed by Heather Whitestone)
Super Bowl XXX Vanessa Williams (Signed by Mary Kim Titla)
Super Bowl XXXI Luther Vandross (Signed by Erika Schwarz)
Super Bowl XXXII Jewel (Signed by Phyllis Frelich)
Super Bowl XXXIII Cher (Signed by Speaking Hands)
Super Bowl XXXIV Faith Hill (Signed by Briarlake Elementary School
Signing Choir)

Super Bowl XXXV Backstreet Boys (Signed by Tom Cooney); “America The
Beautiful” performed by Ray Charles
Super Bowl XXXVI Mariah Carey (Signed by Joe Narcisse); “America The
Beautiful” performed by Mary J. Blige & Marc Anthony
Super Bowl XXXVII Dixie Chicks (Signed by Janet Maxwell); “God Bless
America” performed by Celine Dion
Super Bowl XXXVIII Beyonce Knowles (Signed by Suzanna Christy)
Super Bowl XXXIX More than 100 representatives from the four branches
of the military (Signed by Wesley Tallent)
Super Bowl XL Aaron Neville and Dr. John with Aretha Franklin &
Detroit based 150-member choir (Signed by Angela
LaGuardia of Michigan School for Deaf)

Super Bowl XLI Billy Joel (Signed by Marlee Matlin)

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  1. Anonymous
    February 5, 2007 at 1:22 pm

    Next Super Bowl signer should be SuperDeafy.

  2. Tommy the boy
    February 6, 2007 at 10:05 pm

    What about Christy Smith from Survivor?

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