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What Is African American History? What Is Deaf African American History?

February 3, 2007


  • The African-American Deaf experience is characterized by its alienation from mainstream African-American culture because of linguistic and cultural differences. This has affected the historial role of Deaf African-Americans in mainstream African-American culture.
  • To be African-American and Deaf is to fit into the whole  of the American puzzle. Without the historical contributions of African-Americans, both hearing and Deaf, America would have surely not become the country it is today.
  • African-American history is a complete and rich history of a wide variation in people, places and events throughout time.
  • African-American history is a combination of positive and negative. 
  • It is crucial to understand that African-American culture, like any human culture, is a part of a larger social order and that cultures do not always do ethically just things merely because they are a minority. 
  • African-Americans are linked by the common bond of slavery in some part of their past, and many are still bound by a culture which is oppressed due in part to its history of forced labor and the Diaspora from Africa.

The undeniable fact remains that African-American Deaf children are seen as different, usually in a negative light, because of their skin color first and foremost. Deafness is almost an afterthought, culturally speaking.  Many Deaf students, when asked what they identify with first, they would say being African-American. Some would say they are both Deaf and African-American equally and that is a subculture all of its own. What do you think?To be African-American, like being any other American, is to truly live in two or more worlds. To be Deaf and African-American could be seen to complicate the issue of personal identity even more. 


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  1. saynsumthn
    September 30, 2009 at 8:47 am

    Have you seen Maafa21? It is a well documented film which exposes elitist efforts to target African Americans for Black Genocide. A Must See. View Trailer here: http://www.maafa21com

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