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January 30, 2007

Concerns about TV Closed Captioning. Click (wait for a few seconds) :


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  1. January 30, 2007 at 4:01 pm

    Alas, I was not able to watch this video because my office computer does not have Quicktime. No, I’m not able to install it myself because I don’t have administrative privileges for my office computer. And, no, I can’t watch it at home because I have a really slow modem dial up there.

    Any chance of a transcript?

  2. Bug
    January 30, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    Greetings to you, Andreashettle. I was looking for a transcript and found it for you! Here you go:

    ( http://www.tdi-online.org/FCC/FCCtranscript1.txt )

    FCC CAPTION EXEMPTION ALERT – transcript of sign language message


    Concerns about CLOSED CAPTIONING:

    Hello my name is Don Lee Hanaumi, with an important announcement from
    NAD, TDI, and other deaf and hard of hearing advocacy groups as a deaf
    person, I turn on the TV and expect all channels to be captioned. Today,
    I turn on the TV and still see many programs not captioned, Right?

    Last week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved many,
    many almost 300 requests so far for new TV programs to be shown without
    closed captions.

    Imagine that?

    We must protest this FCC decision.

    We must tell the FCC to support closed captioning.

    What Happened?

    On September 12, the FCC announced publicly that 2 TV programs do not
    need to be closed captioned.

    This is the first time the FCC approved NO closed captions, permanently.

    Worse, the FCC said that it is “inclined favorably” (more likely) to
    approve requests made by TV programs:

    * when the TV program is produced by a non-profit organization;
    * when the organization receives nothing in exchange for their TV
    program or when they need to pay to broadcast their TV program;
    * when the organization says the cost for closed captioning will
    result in reducing or stopping their TV program or other important

    We deaf and hard of hearing advocacy groups also learned that the FCC
    has actually received approximately 550 requests to date, for approval
    to be excused from captioning their TV programs.

    Worse, we learned that the FCC has already approved approximately 300 of
    these requests.

    Most of these requests were not put on public notice. We, the deaf and
    hard of hearing consumers, did not get an opportunity to comment about
    these requests.

    Did the FCC violate the closed captioning rules? (we wonder)

    What can you do?


    We want the FCC Chairman to stand strong and not weaken the closed
    captioning rules for TV programs.

    We do not want the FCC to make a new category of TV programs that can be
    excused from the closed captioning rules.

    Without FCC support of closed captioning, hundreds of other TV programs
    may expect to be excused from the closed captioning rules.

    We are losing trust in the TV industry and in the FCC. We cannot afford
    for our hard fought closed captioning rules to be bent even a little!
    All shows should be captioned, period!

    The closed captioning rules have been around for years. They are not
    new rules. They are not a surprise!

    Time for the TV industry and the FCC to wake up and realize WE are

    FIRST, we must make sure to tell the FCC Chairman and the Commission to
    stand by consumers and REVERSE their decision.

    How? We must contact the FCC to protest the decision to grant permanent

    Call FCC Chairman Kevin Martin – NOW!

    (202) 418-1000 (voice nbr, Call thru relay service)

    When you call, tell him 3 things:

    1. I am angry and I protest the FCC approval to excuse TV captioning
    requirements! No show should be on TV without captions!


    2. I cannot watch TV programs that are NOT captioned.

    3. FCC must reverse their decision, support deaf and hard of hearing
    consumers, and support closed captioning on all TV programs!

    Call now. (pause)

    Thank you!

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